Thursday, 2 September 2010

Author's Commentary: This Old Man, Once Mighty

This Old Man, Once Mighty

I like this old guy. You just know he's about to go and kick some arse, and then, unfortunately, probably die in an act that inspires the new generation of heroes. Or not, I reckon he's just canny enough that even though there was no way he could possibly have survived... well... you know...

I think I maybe thought of the title before the story on this one. Because thinking about it, he wasn't really mighty before, sure he was in 'the League', but his powers always supplemented the big boys (and girls), he was an essential part of the team, but by himself he wasn't so hot; he wasn't super-strong or invulnerable or super-fast or super-smart. I like the idea of the retired hero though, called back into action one last time. It's a cliché, but what isn't these days? You just have to write it right and it doesn't matter. Look at Ellis' Red (soon to be a major motion picture ;) ) or Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns. (I'm talking superheroes, so I've gotta talk comics)

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