Xeroverse: a Guide

The Xeroverse is the worlds in my mind. It is the people that inhabit those worlds and the stories they live. Sometimes it might be very like our own world, other times definitely not.

I tell these stories as micro-fiction, also called flash fiction or short short stories.


Xeroverse: Missing Pieces - where it all began. Every Sunday I publish a story here. Usually somewhere between 100 and 1000 words.

Xeroverse: 101 - a side project. Every Wednesday I publish a new '101'. 1 word of title, 100 words of fiction.

Will Write Flash Fiction For Food - My blog. A little on books. A little on life. A lot on writing. Where I bemoan the fact that I can't do this for a living...

Xeroverse: Commentary - (now defunct, remaining only as an archive) This is where I talk about my fiction. But more than that, I talk about the process of writing, I discuss the stuff of storytelling.

Beyond the Xeroverse

Occasionally my work has been published elsewhere.

on MicroHorror

Ink, Sweat and Tears - Worship (part of their Twelve Days of Christmas 2010)

Hidden Tracks - Predecessor to Missing Pieces. A joint project with co-author Umbriel.